Top Ten Series

This course is a compilation of our most-viewed, fan-favorite classes taught by the founding Mittler Senior Technology team


This course costs $60 ($6/class) with the option for financial aid for those in need.

  • 1Lesson 1 - Tech in the Workforce
  • Organizational Tips, Files, Rename, Copy, Share, Tags, Finding Files, Searching for Files, Libraries/Finder, Folders, Selecting Files, Business Email Tricks, Signature, Vacation Reply, Snooze, Schedule an Email, Google Workspace, Google, Google Drive, Google Docs, Collaboration

  • 2Lesson 2 - Wearable Technology
  • Wearables, Types of Wearables, Advantages of Wearables, Health Impact of Wearables, The Future of Wearables, Fitbit, Apple Watch

  • 3Lesson 3 - Intro to Computer Science
  • Algorithms, Hardware, Software, Binary, Programming Languages, Sequences, Selections, Loops

  • 4Lesson 4 - Online Banking
  • Online Banking, Downloading, Accounts, Transfer, Deposit, Send Money, Pay a Bill, Venmo, Downloading, Paying, Requesting, Transferring, Privacy, PayPal, Apple Pay, Adding a Card, Latest Transactions, Using Apple Wallet

  • 5Lesson 5 - Photos & Social Media
  • Camera App, Taking Photos, Camera Modes, Shutter Button, Camera Flip, Zoom, Flash, Effects, Live Photo, Photos App, Sharing, Saving, Organizing, Deleting, Memories, Albums, People, Places, Social Media, Instagram, Post, Filter, Hashtag, Feed, Profile, Facebook

  • 6Lesson 6 - Online Shopping
  • Specific Search Bar, Filtering a Search, Adding to the Cart, Suggestions/History, Amazon, Creating an Account, Checkout, Safe Online Shopping

  • 7Lesson 7 - Health
  • HealthSync, Downloading, Current Data, Measurements, Medications, Symptoms, Current Diagnosed Conditions, Appointments, Report, Contacts, Your Profile, Apple Health App, Summary Page, Health Data, Browse, Wearable Technology

  • 8Lesson 8 - Transportation
  • Ridesharing, Uber, Downloading, Creating an Account, Booking a Trip, Rate/Tip, Share Trip Status, Split Fare, Expedia, Creating an Account, Finding a Package, Checkout, Google Maps, Finding a Location

  • 9Lesson 9 - Intro to Artificial Intelligence
  • Defining Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AI Examples, ChatGPT, Creating an Account, Use Cases of ChatGPT, Fotor

  • 10Lesson 10 - Intro to Online Safety
  • Authentication, Authorization, Usernames, Passwords, Strong Passwords, Password Manager, Spam, Phishing, Malware, Avoiding Malware, Safe Online Shopping, Browser Tracking, Cookies

  • 11SPECIAL Lesson 11 - Navigating the Internet
  • Defining the Internet, How Does the Internet Work, World Wide Web, Website, Internet Browsers, Search Engines, Web Address, Internet Use Cases, Google Search

Additional Course Info:

Once purchasing the course, you have access to the content forever, giving you the ability to revisit previous lessons at anytime!
Each video lesson is ~60 minutes.
Assuming you partake in one lesson each week, this course is projected to take you 10 weeks.
If you complete the course in its entirety, you will receive a professional certificate from Mittler Senior Technology.
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