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Introducing the team who makes everything possible!

Headshot of Jordan Mittler
Jordan Mittler

Director & Founder

Jordan is the visionary force behind our inception, steering every aspect of our organization's direction and growth.

Headshot of Stella Hiltzik
Stella Hiltzik

Director of Programming

Stella is the mastermind behind the planning and delivery of our engaging and innovative programs.

Daniel Martin

Head of Growth & Co-Director of Spanish Programming

Daniel is in charge of developing and implementing our expansion plans as well as our Spanish-language programming.

Headshot of Gabriel Dalton
Gabriel Dalton

Head of Sustainability & Canadian Ambassador

Gabriel leads our environmental initiatives and represents our organization's interests in Canada.

Headshot of Jordana Stonehill
Jordana Stonehill

Head of Social Media

Jordana strategizes and executes our online presence, enhancing engagement and expanding our digital footprint.

Headshot of Rachel Abelson
Rachel Abelson

Head of Marketing

Rachel leads our branding and promotional strategies, amplifying our visibility and impact in the market.

Headshot of Evan Bourkoff
Evan Bourkoff

Head of Technology

Evan oversees the development and implementation of our technological infrastructure, ensuring innovation and efficiency.

Headshot of Gabriel Mittler
Gabriel Mittler

Growth Manager

Gabriel aims to expand our influence and effectiveness using targeted strategies and data-driven insights.

Headshot of Zen Blocka
Zen Blocka

Growth Manager

Zen focuses on scaling our reach and impact through targeted strategies and data-driven insights.

Headshot of Nathaniel Chetrit
Nathaniel Chetrit

Growth Manager

Nathaniel implements strategic initiatives to foster our organization's development and increase its market presence.

Headshot of Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin

Growth Manager & Spanish Manager

Ryan catalyzes our organization's growth while also leading the charge in expanding our Spanish-language offerings.

Headshot of Nathan Hiltzik
Nathan Hiltzik

Content Development Manager

Nathan curates and refines our content strategy, ensuring its alignment with organizational goals and audience needs.

Headshot of Andrew Gage
Andrew Gage


Andrew educates and inspires, fostering learning and development within our educational programs.

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