Advanced Computers & Smartphones Course

This course is designed to teach you how to manage your computer and smartphone in the most effective and efficient way possible.


This course costs $100 ($10/class) with the option for financial aid for those in need.

  • 1Lesson 1 - ZOOM
  • Zoom, Downloading, Joining a Meeting, Meeting ID, Link, Meeting Password, Waiting Room, Mute/Unmute, Start/Stop Video, Chat, Screen Share, Record, Reactions, Leave, Hosting a Meeting, Inviting, End Meeting, Virtual Background, Speaker View, Gallery View, Messages App, Contacts App

  • 2Lesson 2 - The Internet
  • Internet Browser, Google, File, New Window, New Tab, Close, Share, Print, Edit, Cut, Copy, Paste, View, Zoom In/Out, History, Recently Closed, Clear History, Bookmarks, Questions, Reading/News, Shopping, Calculations, Photos, Map, Camera App, Photos App

  • 3Lesson 3 - Email
  • Archive, Spam, Trash, Unread, Snooze, Move, Labels, Print, Settings, Theme, Signature, Vacation Response, Contacts, Groups, Calendar App

  • 4Lesson 4 - Word Processors
  • Pages, Templates, Formatting Text, Alignment, Spacing, Lists, View, Tables, Charts, Shapes, Images, Print, Save, Export, Page Numbers, Password, Microsoft Word, Line Select, Orientation, Spell Check, Search, Smart Lookup, Maps App

  • 5Lesson 5 - Managing a Computer
  • Keep it Clean, Quit Your Apps, Notes, Stacks, Desktop Background, Finder/Libraries, AirDrop, Split-Screen, Keyboard Settings, Screenshot

  • 6Lesson 6 - Common Websites
  • Online Shopping, Search Bar, Filtering, Adding to the Cart, Suggestions, History, Amazon, FreshDirect, Gap, Barnes & Noble, Entertainment, YouTube, Netflix, Health App, Apple Pay

  • 7Lesson 7 - Managing a Smartphone
  • Airplane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, Do Not Disturb, Notifications, Display and Brightness, Wallpaper, Screenshots, Quitting Apps

  • 8Lesson 8 - Social Media & Cybersecurity
  • Social Media, Instagram, Creating an Account, Following an Account, Feed, Post, Story, Posting, Caption, Private Account, Facebook, Finding a Profile, Groups, Cybersecurity, Website Address, Strong Passwords, Email Spam, Phishing, Safe Online Shopping, Digital Tracking, Phone App

  • 9Lesson 9 - Voice Recognition & Online Banking
  • Siri, Call and Texts, Everyday Tasks, Music, Smart Home, Knowledge on the Go, Online Banking, Venmo, Downloading, Creating an Account, Paying, Requesting, Privacy, Transferring

  • 10Lesson 10 - Final Class
  • Review, Final Examination, Congratulations

Additional Course Info:

Once purchasing the course, you have access to the content forever, giving you the ability to revisit previous lessons at anytime!
Each video lesson is ~45 minutes and is supplemented by a 20-30 minute homework assignment.
Assuming you partake in one lesson each week, this course is projected to take you 10 weeks.
If you complete the course in its entirety, you will receive a professional certificate from Mittler Senior Technology.
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