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Announcing the all-new Mittler Senior Technology Virtual Portal, where you can participate in our classes at your own pace directly from your homes!


Due to the circumstances, all classes are taking place weekly via ZOOM. Below are the details about the classes being offered virtually during the Coronavirus pandemic. All in-person classes will resume in the spring.

Technology During COVID: Computer and Smartphone Course

Our personalized lesson plans were adapted to online live lessons taught by the Mittler Senior Technology Team. Each week is spent exploring topics that are specifically relevant during the time of the Coronavirus. Past lessons have included online entertainment, shopping online, online banking, and using FaceTime.

Classes take place every Sunday at 11:30 AM ET.

Price: Free

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Question and Answer Session

This is a weekly session dedicated to answering personal and individual questions regarding devices at home. This session is also an opportunity for students in the Sunday "Technology during Coronavirus" class to ask follow-up questions. There is no structured syllabus for this session. This is facilitated by Joe Kaplan.

Sessions take place every Monday at 7:00 PM ET.

Price: Free


Private Technological Assistance

If you are interested in receiving private one-on-one technology assistance/tutoring with one of the members of the Mittler Senior Technology team, please email jordan@mittlerseniortech.com (link below) expressing your interest and we will follow-up with you with available time slots. We can either spend the time teaching from our curriculums or answering your questions. Due to COVID-19, all of these private sessions will take place online using ZOOM.

Price: $75/hour

If you are interested, please reach out to jordan@mittlerseniortech.com for more information.



Our Mission

It is the responsibility of the younger generation to educate seniors about technology. The goal of Mittler Senior Technology is to cure the issue of social isolation within senior communities and to help seniors feel connected with our new world of technology. Our personalized classes strive to educate seniors on how to communicate with friends and family in the manner in which the world is accustomed to today, and how to use technological tools to enhance and simplify their daily lives.

Changing The World One Senior at a Time

Jordan Mittler

Director and Founder of Mittler Senior Technology
Head Teacher and Program Coordinator

My name is Jordan Mittler and I am currently a junior at the Ramaz Upper School in Manhattan, graduating in 2022. I am the director and founder of Mittler Senior Technology, a program that offers professional technology education to seniors. I am a passionate pianist, movie producer, and technology enthusiast. My goal is to change the lives of seniors in a way they never thought possible through the use of simple technology. My affiliations are Congregation Kehilath Jeshrun, The Ramaz School, The UJA Federation of New York, The Jewish Week’s 36 Under 36, Teen Vogue, Tivity Health, Health eVillages, Knowledge @ Wharton High School, The Wharton Global Youth Program, NASDAQ, CBS, Ny1, Expressions by Wallgreens, NPR News, WBUR Kind World, The Today Show with Hoda and Jenna, WCBS 880 Radio, CNN, and NBC New York.

The Mittler Senior Technology Team

Jordan Mittler

Director and Founder
Head Teacher

Julia Feit

Content and Layout Advisor

Caroline Schwartz

Social Media Advisor

Joe Kaplan

IT Advisor

  • Shelly A
    I was never able to send pictures on my phone and now that I can do it, I have done it many times. I never knew what all the icons were used for and feel more comfortable with them now. I have had many teachers over my lifetime and Jordan is a natural. I am much less afraid of the computer because of the class
    Shelly A
  • Ruth L
    I learned not to be afraid of the computer…fearless I’m not! The more I learn, the more I see how much more I need to learn. I recently read in the Times, that children learn a language much easier, if a new language is taught before the age of seven. For me, using the computer is a new language which is developing, and changing rapidly. It’s hard to play “catch-up” at my age.
    Ruth L
  • Roz Z
    I enjoyed all the classes, particularly the class that covered the “Internet”. I found I moved around the computer faster. I want to thank Jordan for being so generous with his time and knowledge. He has been exemplary in providing a well organized and presented computer class.
    Roz Z
  • Rabbi Haskel L
    Great Class! I now feel more comfortable using my desktop.
    Rabbi Haskel L
  • Mark M
    I learned how to take pictures, get the weather, and get the news. I learned not to be afraid of technology. Jordan was totally organized and communicated very well with the students.
    Mark M
  • Janet M
    The instructor was the best and very patient, making himself available to all the students at all times
    Janet M
  • Dwight J
    I appreciate your efforts teaching technology to my wife. She’s looking forward to next semester.
    Dwight J
  • Bernice K
    Each class I learned something new!
    Bernice K

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