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You are invited to participate in our world-famous classes & services designed to bring you into the twenty-first century. Browse our offerings below in order to find what's best for you.

Computer & Smartphone Basics

Technology is taking over our lives! It is very difficult to live in the world today without knowing how to use your technological devices. Mittler Senior Technology's Computer & Smartphone Basics Class is designed to introduce you to the basic skills necessary to use a computer, tablet, and smartphone. This is a ten-lesson course that requires no prior knowledge. Topics covered in this class include Microsoft Word, Internet, Email, Messages, FaceTime, Mouse & Keyboard Skills, Online Shopping, and much more!

Advanced Computers & Smartphones

If you already feel comfortable with your technology devices and are ready to move on to the next level, this ten-lesson course is for you! Mittler Senior Technology's Advanced Computers & Smartphones Class is designed to teach you how to manage your computer, smartphone, and tablet in the most effective and efficient way possible. Each session is self-guided and takes approximately forty minutes to complete. Topics covered in this class include ZOOM, Messages, Social Media, Siri, Online Banking, Health, Wallet, Security, Managing a Computer and Smartphone, Maps, and much more!

Top 10 Series

Introducing Mittler Senior Technology's newest + coolest course including our "Top Ten" favorite classes hosted by Jordan Mittler himself! You will learn about Online Banking, Photos/Social Media, Computer Science, Tech in the Workforce, Transportation, Health, Online Shopping, Artificial Intelligence, Online Safety, and Wearable Technology all from the brain behind Mittler Senior Technology!

Tech Concierge Program

Do you frequently have tech questions? Would you benefit from having tech experts at your fingertips 24/7? Participate in Mittler Senior Technology's world-renowned Tech Concierge Program!

Our Mission

It is the responsibility of the younger generation to educate seniors about technology. The goal of Mittler Senior Technology is to cure the issue of social isolation within senior communities and to help seniors feel connected with our new world of technology. Our personalized classes strive to educate seniors on how to communicate with friends and family in the manner in which the world is accustomed to today, and how to use technological tools to enhance and simplify their daily lives.

Changing The World One Senior at a Time

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"I was never able to send pictures on my phone, but now I can. I feel much more comfortable with the icons. I've had many teachers, and Jordan is a natural. I'm much less afraid of the computer now."

Shelly A

"You have brought us, seniors, into the 21st century. This class is clear, organized, and informative. The instructors dedicate so much time to each class. This has truly changed my life."

Ruth S

"You made something overwhelming manageable for someone my age. You've narrowed the generation gap between us and our children and grandchildren."

Ronne M

"I am no longer afraid to click buttons and try new things. It's wonderful being with younger people in this class."

Martin F
Jordan Mittler

Jordan Mittler

Director and Founder

My name is Jordan Mittler and I am a current student at Harvard University, and a graduate of the Ramaz Upper School Class of 2022. I am the Director and Founder of Mittler Senior Technology, a program that offers professional technology education to seniors to improve their quality of life. I am a passionate pianist, movie producer, and technology enthusiast. I make it my priority to continue expanding Mittler Senior Technology to change the lives of seniors in a way they never thought possible through the use of simple technology. I believe compassionate leadership is key to success in business, especially for a young entrepreneur like me.

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Changing The World One Senior at a Time

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